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Artisan book and box production for your office and corporate needs

We produce specially designed office and market products such as boxes, binders, manuals, menus, writing pads, briefcases and more according to your layout and company profile. Our niche is to create exclusive product lines.

We understand customer demands and individually tailor solutions for clients, communicating with specific, trade terminology in order to guarantee excellence and quality.

We collaborate with European manufacturers, developing strong working relationships that achieve high standards of quality and efficient delivery.



We love happy clients. We love to help you convey your values and strengthen your brand.

We love happy-happy business collaborations, good teamwork, transparency, diversity, big hearts and a good laugh.

JOUPER Notebooks

The ultimate treat for scribblers, scratchers

and incurable paper lovers


Attention to detail is the utmost goal in our production. It creates precision and concentration.

No matter how close to a deadline, attention to detail is carried out to the final product.

Care and exactitude in every product defines quality.


Our commitment

We offer graphic and technical design and oversee the complete production of stylish, durable, high-end bookbinding products.

We pride ourselves on quality and always honour our commitment to style, accuracy and care in every job we complete.

What separates us from the printer?

The printing house prints and cuts. The printer needs an original. If the printer wants to bind a book or cover a box with printed material, they must go to the book bindery.

We are bookbinders and designers. We make the sketches and technical drawings, the prototype and the templates. We create the original graphic for the printer. We know what the finished product looks like before we start production.

What distinguishes us from the bindery?

The bindery sews the books and covers the boxes. We are bookbinders, artists and designers. We make a sketch of the finished product. We speak directly to the bookbinder. We know the process and we do not need any intermediary agent.

What are you gaining from the Jouper Design Team?

You benefit from our aesthetic and functional approach, and our sense of style, colour and detail. You gain our knowledge and our commitment to quality. You reap the benefits of our mobility and our experience. We recommend materials and choose manufacturers that best suit your product.

We have years of hands-on experience from book and box production. We are specialized in industrial craftsmanship and manufacturing and can produce at any scale: from small productions of 100 copies to larger scale volumes. We have long-standing relationships with manufacturers throughout Europe.

The Jouper Design Team has a wealth of experience in graphic design, and magazine, book and packaging production. We have forged relationships with an international network of bookbinders, printers, designers, artists and innovators. We value these relationships and guarantee every step of production, from which machines are used, to which artisan glues the magnet into the lid of your box.




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