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JOUPER Stationery Design Team

The Jouper Design Team is a tight constellation of creative, productive and knowledgeable people who love designed, stylish and functional stationery products. We are graphic designers, technical designers, bookbinders, boxmakers, artists, marketing professionals.


The team has evolved around the ongoing project with JOUPER notebooks - a coming stationery brand that combines the best of our taste, skills and professional experiences.


As a second effect we have become the perfect team for offering high-end book and box production from developing the first sketches to delivering the final products.

Ulrika Majstrovic Hansén, visual identity and graphic design

Ulrika Majstrovic Hansén is an awesome art director, designer, and interior & lifestyle photographer. Her sensitive feelers palp the future trends as well as the contemporary on-goings beneath the surface. A streak in her rich career is the extensive hands-on experience from magazine and book production. Ulrika Majstrovic Hansén is of course the creator of this website.

View her beautiful mind and understand her skills best by visiting her site www.UMH.SE

Helene Jouper, bookbinder, owner

Helene Jouper is a trained bookbinder and has a background as a prototype maker and bookbinding designer. She runs Jouper Design Stockholm, a local agency that offers design and manufacturing of custom-made high-end office and marketing products such as books, boxes, binders, folders, clip-boards and more.

Gaithri Ribbarp, Marketing

Gaithri Ribbarp, free-lancing digital marketer, supports us with ideas, rhetoric and tone. We love her spirit.



Functionality, accuracy, skill, shape and color: are all variables of utmost importance and distinguish each individual product's style, combined with a high standard of commitment to quality and design.


We fundamentally believe in integrity, respect, equality, honesty, trustworthiness, and happy-happy business collaborations.

We also feel a great duty to contribute to a better world. Everyone has the right to live according to their capability, and everyone has the right to change their life. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention on the Rights of the Child are the most important documents of our time.

Mother Earth is unique and there is only one of her. We support thoughts and actions that care, protect and preserve our planet for future generations.

We also love good teamwork, transparency, diversity, big hearts and a good laugh.




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